Key Milestones in Crown Group's Growth

A decade ago, Crown Lifan started off as a small shop in Karachi. Through hard work, it became the leading importer of motorcycle spare parts in Pakistan within two years. Initially, the company collaborated with a Chinese company, Lifan, and pooled resources to provide the best quality motorcycle spare parts in Pakistan. In 2005, Crown Lifan decided to go independent and has since maintained its position as a market leader due to quality products, services and a strong distribution network across Pakistan.

With the advent of Vespa in Pakistan, a gentleman named Mr S.M. Saeed seized a business opportunity and started the import of Vespa spare parts. This gentleman was Mr Farhan Hanif’s grandfather and became an inspiration for this young entrepreneur’s dream.

Mr.Farhan’s uncle, Mr. S.M. Saleem, ventured into the motorcycle parts segment, and started importing motorcycle spare parts from Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other far eastern countries. This further fueled the aspirations for an independent motorcycles’ company

This era saw the development of the Chinese market and imports into Pakistan. Crown was the first company in Pakistan to start bringing in motorcycle spare parts from China.

The manifestation of Mr Farhan Hanif’s entrepreneurial dream, CRLF made an Exclusive Rights Agreement with a Chinese company, the Lifan Group, establishing the brand Crown Lifan. By introducing quality into Chinese parts, and offering them as cheaper yet superior substitutes for Japanese parts, Crown Lifan is responsible for single handedly changing the market scenario.

With the growing market demand for CRLF products, the Crown Group launched Crown Motor Company (Pvt.) Ltd. that assembles complete motorcycles.

The subsidiary A.R Corporation was launched to import and sell CNG Rickshaw parts, which soon became a success due to the increasing demand for quality rickshaw parts in the market.

Z.S Engineering was established this year as the first wheel chain company in Pakistan – manufacturing wheel chains with utmost accuracy and exceptional quality.

The Group diversified into the automotive parts segment and initiated manufacturing of automotive parts.


CRLF became the market leader in the Chinese spare parts for motorcycles and a company called Crown Lifan Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. was established for manufacturing local motorcycle body parts.

Expanding upon its horizontal integration business model, The Group started manufacturing tyres and tubes branded under Crown Tyres Limited.

Analysing and seizing market opportunities, CRLF also introduced an unmatchable variety of generator parts in the same year.


The Crown Group, with its history of Chinese imports made strategic decisions to enter into joint ventures with Chinese manufacturers of spare parts and imported machinery and manpower to further strengthen this industry’s knowledge, employment and trade at a local level.

The Group entered in strategic partnerships with industry leaders to further enhance and diversify its business models. Our lubricants are now branded by Mobil 1, the world’s leading synthetic oil manufacturer.

Crown Group became world-leading courier service provider FedEx’s two wheeler mobility partner by creating for them a custom built proposition which is backed by the group’s core values of fostering professional relationships built upon quality products and a customer centric service proposition.