Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can best be understood as “the continuing commitment by businesses to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families, as well as of the local community and the society at large.”


It is about complying with human rights and environmental laws, fair business practices and regulations. Also, giving it back to the society in the form of initiatives and projects that directly benefit and have a positive impact on the lives of local communities.


Crown Group has tried its best to work for the community in its own ways, and is happy to see the change it has brought to the lives of the community it has positively impacted through CSR initiatives.




Crown Group of Companies announced its support to The Citizens Foundation – TCF by sponsoring the operations of one of its primary schools in Karachi in its mission to promote primary education in the urban slums of the city.


Crown is proud to be a part of this noble cause and understands that lack of education is one of the crucial issues of our society and as responsible citizens, the onus is on us to address it. With this collaboration, Crown Group aims to reshape lives of these children in a meaningful manner.




The healthcare conditions in Pakistan have never been favorable, especially accessibility of screened blood in the hospitals has always been a problem and people usually lose the battle of their lives due to unavailability of blood in time.


Committed to serve the society at large, in this respect Crown Group established Pakistan’s first state of the art “Centralised Blood Center” at Indus Hospital Karachi. It is providing safest possible screened blood complying with International standards to all segments of the society without any discrimination. Another purpose behind this initiative is to mobilize the nation towards 100% voluntarily blood donation.

Burns Centre



Crown Group is proud to be a part of Friends of Burns Centre to serve the humanity. Burns Centre is a place where every patient is treated equally and those patients who cannot afford the treatment of burns and bruises are treated with special care. Crown Group is pleased to support the Friends of Burns Centre for its betterment.




In collaboration with Rotary Club, we initiated a club with the name ‘Rotary Club of Karachi Crown’ in 2018. The main purpose of this club is to serve humanity by introducing numerous projects such as Ration Distribution, Mr. FIT technical training and much more. The ration distribution project was initiated in the Holy month of Ramadan by Rotary Club of Karachi Crown.


The aim of this activity was to fulfil the needs of the unprivileged. The aim of Mr. FIT technical training through Rotary Club of Karachi Crown was to give technical education to the people who are unable to gain proper education. This project helps in creating blue-collar jobs in the society.




FIT road safety campaign was initiated by Crown Group in year 2015 collaborating with Youth Parliament. We started an awareness campaign in Karachi, by dictating and showing the consequences of not wearing helmet. Also, we explained the cost of not obeying the traffic lights and other rules and regulations. Crown Group plans to spread this campaign all over Pakistan, ultimately contributing to CSR.




Saylani Crown Center was initiated in year 2015 collaborating with Saylani Welfare. Crown Group have introduced a social project which aims to deliver technical training of ‘motorcycle mechanic’ to the unprivileged youth. It includes those who are unable to get proper education and due to this they remain jobless which creates a burden on them and also on the society as a whole.