how it Began

The Crown Group is the realization of a young mind’s dream, brought to life in 2002. Under the mentorship of Mr. S. M. Saleem, his maternal Uncle, Mr. Farhan developed an understanding that the real essence of business was the maintenance of transparent accounting systems. Furthermore, he learned the concept of ethical business practices, and developed an aversion to interest-based dealings, a principle which Mr. Farhan strictly followed in all stages of his career progression. He was inspired by his maternal grandfather’s business of importing scooter spare parts from Italy since 1963. As a young man Mr. Farhan delved into this business, starting from the basics to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of trade. Observing and following the development of the Chinese market for automotives and parts, he launched his own business in 2002 by being the first in Pakistan to grab hold of this opportunity and in 2003 he made an exclusive rights agreement with Lifan Group, China. This marked the beginning of motorcycle spare parts import which were competitive in price and an excellent quality substitute for Japanese parts.
The sky was the limit and Crown Group grew year after year, exploring, manufacturing and introducing new products to the Pakistani market. The group entered the business of local motorcycle body parts, motorcycle assembly, CNG rickshaw parts, lubricants, tyres and ultimately moved towards an industrial park for motorcycle parts makers

15 years of celebration